The Glass Rider

Description: 'The Glass Rider' is a life sized sculpture of a man racing on a motorcycle. The rider is made out of broken bottles of liquor and drinking glasses, the pieces are tied together with stainless steel wire. The motorcycle is made out of washing machine drums and serving trays, stainless steel as well.

'The Glass Rider' symbolizes the fragility as well as the indestructible nature of the rider that never stops re-creating himself in the current speed of life and its consumptions. 'The Glass Rider' is very personal, it is kind of autobiographical reflection of myself, representing my personal ride through life and the vision of Studio-Re-Creation

Materials: glass, stainless steel wire, stainless steel sheet

Completed: June 2011

Production process: sculpted

Dimensions: L 200 / W 65/ H 140

Weight: +/- 100 kg

Photo's by Nikola Nikolov

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