The Masks nr 1, nr 2, nr 3, nr 4 (nr 1 = sold)

Description: The faces of 'The Masks' were inspired by the heavy facial lines found on archive images of workers of the factories on the Hembrugterrein, Zaanstad, which were used for military productions. The work is made from an old VOLVO DL66 1979 which was standing on the Hembrugterrein. The car was found with the aid of Kunstcentrum Zaandam and performatively demolished on their front yard. The car transport was conducted and sponsored by PROMobility.

Materials: old car, Volvo DL66

Completed: April 2013

Size: 95 x 140 x 40 cm

Production process: metalworks

Photo's by Nikola Nikolov

                                                                                                        bottom corner image by Peter de Rijcke

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